Profile : James Philip Jackson

JPJ Fine Arts has been created to promote the creations of James Philip Jackson. Being self-taught, James draws on his wealth of experience and education as he moves and merges techniques and materials with the subject he is studying. He designs and creates works which are often highly technical and scientific, producing pieces for both the domestic and corporate markets.

James has a classical design and scientific background, studying geology, botany and the natural sciences at degree level, with post-graduate qualifications in landscape architecture and urban design. His broad knowledge of the landscape and human influences have been further strengthened by qualifications in botanical illustration, sculpture and art, ensuring his pieces reflect both his technical knowledge and design flair. 

JPJ Fine Arts

Each piece of work is created with care, attention and creativity and we aim to deliver the highest possible quality at the best value to the client. Each person who purchases or commissions a piece of art from James can be sure of a unique product that has been produced in line with a defined set of values.
The aims and values of JPJ fine arts are:

■  Highest quality at the best value
■  Attention to detail
■  Creativity and design flair

Production of Work

Original Paintings
Original paintings are produced using only the finest quality professional artists paints and are used upon well constructed quality canvases. This ensures the quality and longevity of the finished product, which is finished off with UV resistant varnishes wherever possible to ensure colour fastness for the future.

Prints and Photographs
Our pictures are printed and mounted on the finest acid free papers and materials using the highest quality light fast pigments and printing processes. We can also provide work which adheres to conservation grade quality.

Original artworks, prints and photographs are can be framed with a solid wood frame, waxed and polished, with a complimenting inner border to create a piece ready for display. Frames are completed with backing papers, picture details and mount (where required).

For 3D work only the sculpture materials are used, each unique sculpture is finished to a high gallery ready standard. Ceramic work is presented mounted following firing / glazing / painting to help preserve and bring them to life each piece.

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